Code Academy

Code Academy 

Code Academy is an extension of the digital Club, Club NEXT. This program offers participants an in-depth exploration into coding concepts and app design. Participants will engage in critical thinking, project-based learning, and grow their skills with technology. All courses are limited to 15 students to allow better coaching from the staff. 

Coding Concepts

Students learn coding concepts through hands-on learning in the classroom, a gamified learning platform, and instructor-led coaching. 

App Design

Using the App Design Workbook from Apple, students will learn to design process used to create and develop new apps. Students are challenged to identify an issue in their community and to create a solution in the form of an app.

Code Academy Summer 2022

The 2022 Summer Code Academy Camps have concluded; see below the impact video! 



School-Based Clubs

Our Code Academy school-based Clubs take place inside of the specific school during different times of the day. Some of our Clubs have been during the school day, and some have been after school.

Interested in hosting a school-based Club? Email Melissa Smith at to get the conversation started! 

Schools we have worked with so far include:

  • Shwab Elementary (5th grade)
  • Glengarry Elementary (3rd-4th grade)
  • LEAD Cameron (9th-12th grade) 
  • New Hope Academy (3rd-6th grade)

1-Day Tech Events

To continue expanding our reach, the Club NEXT: Code Academy team is now offering 1-day Tech Events throughout the year! These immersive events will cover robotics, coding skills, building skills, and more. These are great opportunities for students who are first engaging in tech and are curious. All of these events will be offered at no cost to participants and we will provide all required hardware. Registration will be done online and each event will have a limited number of spots. 

Check out our highlight video from the first event on March 5th, 2022. 



The next events in the series are: 

September 10th: Robotics (TBD)

Check back soon for more details and registration information!

December 3rd: TBD

Check back soon for more details and registration information!

Summer Camps

Our Code Academy summer camps are week-long immersive learning experiences for youth in grades 5th-12th. Camps focus on coding concepts and app design.Designs from last summer included:

  • 'Equal Pay', an app about educating youth about the gender pay-gap
  •  'Health Home', which was an all-inclusive COVID-19 resource
  • 'Bully Protection Policy', which was designed to assist students with anonymously speaking about bullying issues


Check out our highlight video from summer 2021: 



Code Academy FAQs


What does Code Academy cost?

Code Academy is entirely free for all students! Whether you are participating in our summer camp or school based Clubs all students get the experience at no cost. 

Do I have to have experience to sign up?

We welcome students from all levels of experience; beginners, intermediate, advanced! Code Academy is expanding to offer additional courses to meet the needs of different levels of experience. 

Do I have to have my own computer?

Boys & Girls Clubs will provide all necessary equipment for the courses. 

How do I begin?

Sign up! The registration form above is for the summer camps that will begin in June 2022. These camps are in-person and in both Davidson & Williamson counties. 

We are also hosting a wide variety of online coding courses and programs you can access from anywhere. Curious? Head over to the Million Hours of Code page to begin exploring! 

How can I bring this to my school/organization?

If interested in hosting a Coding Club, send an email to Melissa Smith, Director of Virtual & Blended Learning. The team is excited to expand our reach to more youth in the Middle TN area! 

Melissa Smith:

What grades can participate?

We are now able to work with students grades K-12 in school-based Clubs, and summer courses are open to students grades 5-12.