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App Highlight: Fun Trivia Games!

It’s Game Show Week here at BGCMT! In honor of this week’s theme, we are highlighting fun and popular trivia apps for kids. 

Family Trivia is an app designed by educators that is great for the whole family. Offering trivia questions in seven categories, including cooking and music, Family Trivia is a fun and engaging app perfect for younger children. 

Trivia Crack is another fun app that provides new trivia questions every day! With fun animations and slightly “leveled-up” questions, this app is perfect for older students. Trivia Crack presents users with multiple-choice questions in six categories: entertainment, art, sports, history, science, and geography. In fact, this app was recently converted into a Netflix series “Trivia Quest” this past year. 

No matter what platform you use, trivia games are a great way to stretch your brain and learn some new and interesting facts!

Posted by Melissa Smith at 09:47