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Back to School Prep Checklist

As students head into their first few weeks of school, it can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming to leave the rhythm and routine of summer vacation. Luckily, there are some easy and actionable steps you can take to make the transition into the new school year as seamless as possible. 

  1. Find a homework spot
    Whether that be at your kitchen table, an afterschool program, or your room, finding a designated spot to do your homework can help you focus. If it is hard to find a quiet space, just having a designated area where you can do homework will still help you get into “study mode” when you need to. Consider finding a pair of cheap headphones or earplugs to make the space quiet when you need it.


  2. Prepare for your mornings
    Make your early mornings easier by preparing the night before. Think of a breakfast you want to eat or take, lay out school clothes, and make sure your backpack has everything you need for the next day. This can help make mornings go smoother and might even let you sleep in for a few extra minutes.


  3. Make your back to school playlist!
    If you have a phone or tablet, you can download free music apps like Spotify to start making your own music playlists. Make playlists for getting ready, walking or driving to school, doing homework, and more! Nothing makes going back to school more fun than some upbeat music to pair with your day.


No matter what grade you are in, you can make back to school season as fun and easy as possible with these 3 tips. Good luck this school year, everyone!


Posted by Melissa Smith at 13:00