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Fun Language Apps

Looking for a new hobby or fun way to stretch your brain as the summer comes to an end? Learning a new language is an amazing way to broaden your skill set. Luckily, there are a multitude of useful apps available to make learning a new language fun and accessible.

  1. Mondly is an app that offers up to 40 different languages from all over the world. Mondly is unique in that you can learn from any starting language you would like, not just English as some apps are designed. If you speak another language more comfortably than you do English, then Mondly allows you to start learning in the language that feels best for you. There is even a version meant specifically for kids. 

  2. Drops is an app that puts an emphasis on vocabulary. It is made by the same company that designed Kahoot. The app takes a gamified approach to learning new languages, giving each user 5 minutes per day to work through vocabulary images. This is great for people on the go who want to brush up on some language skills. 

  3. Rosetta Stone is arguably one of the original language-learning platforms out there. The app takes an immersive approach to learning in order to help students nail everything from the vocabulary to the accent. The Rosetta Stone app also allows users to train their ear via Audio Companion lessons, which are a great way to switch up their learning methods. 

No matter which app you choose, just taking that first step to learn a new language is an incredible way to level up in your learning journey. 

Posted by Melissa Smith at 13:00