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Healthy Alternative Snacks!

Healthy Alternative Snacks


The followings are some simple swaps for healthier snacking: 


Veggie Straws/Chips

Trail Mix

String Cheese

Greek Yogurt


Organic Popcorn or Light Butter Popcorn

Organic Chips and Salsa

Dark Chocolate



The followings are snacks that take a little bit of preparation:

Nice Cream- blending frozen bananas in order to create “ice cream”, add toppings such as cocoa powder, fruit, or traditional ice cream toppings.


Ants on a Log- cutting celery in half lengthwise, filling with peanut butter or another spread, and topping with raisins.


Chocolate Banana Bites- cut banana in quarter size pieces, spread peanut butter in between two pieces, dip sandwich in chocolate, and freeze.

Posted by Melissa Smith at 10:11