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March Game Highlight: Prodigy

Prodigy Math Games

Do you like playing online with friends? Do you *kinda* like math? What about adventure, action, puzzles, and awesome characters? Then this game is for you! It's free to play and is web-based. At Club NEXT, we typically play this at least 3 times a week. When a group wraps up their BookNook or math tutoring, we head over to Prodigy as a group and explore. I think this is a great way to play online and enjoy some math training in a not-so-classroom style. 

We are live weekly from 4pm-6pm and you can find that link on the landing page for Club NEXT. In order to play online with us and access live sessions you'll need a Virtual Club membership which is free and easy to sign up! 

Ready to play and try it out for yourself? Click the link below!


Posted by Melissa Smith at 09:30