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Mental Health and Mindfulness Apps

On Wednesday, we had a fantastic Twitter Spaces call in connection with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where some of our members had the opportunity to discuss mental health with medical professionals. In this call, we learned about several great free resources that help with improving mental health and lowering stress, and today we will be highlighting some of these resources for you to explore.

Headspace is a mindfulness app, helping millions of all ages with stress, anxiety, and more through meditation and guided coping mechanisms. The interface is easy to use, and there are many options to explore to suit your style. You can track your mental health and how you feel throughout the week, where it can show what is working and what is not.

Calm is the #1 downloaded mindfulness and meditation app in the world, also helping millions cope with their stress, improve their sleep, build their self-esteem, and more. They use audio and video features to guide meditations, with many different options to choose from as well, such as guided breathing, music, exercises, bedtime stories, and more.

Mood Potatoes is a free app that allows users to track how they are feeling throughout the day using emojis. The most kid-friendly of the bunch, this app offers self-care tips, a gratitude journal, and a mood chart to explain some of the feelings you may be feeling.

During COVID and beyond, over 35% of teens struggled with mental health, and we want to break the stigma against mental health and empower our community to use resources available to help improve mental health outcomes. If you are interested, consider exploring these options, as they are great resources that have helped millions with their mental health!

Posted by Melissa Smith at 10:40