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    Overstimulation is when someone becomes overwhelmed by their surroundings. Typically, this happens when someone’s senses can not cope with the overload of information they are receiving. Being overstimulated during the holidays may be due to not sleeping in your own bed, large family gatherings, lots of Christmas lights, loud music, or any number of things.


Overstimulation may look like the followings:

When your senses are feeling overwhelmed, it can feel like a whole bunch of fireworks going off back to back. 


Sometimes someone may not be able to exact tell what caused them to feel so overwhelmed, but the above picture depicts that being overstimulated can be due to several factors that are out of your immediate control.


The following are some tips for when you are overstimulated:

  • Find a quiet place to hang out for a little bit, without the added noise from music, television, or other people.

  • Listen to your favorite playlist to help calm down, yes added noise can be overwhelming but listening to something you are familiar with can help ground yourself.

  • Remove yourself from the situation by either going into another room or getting fresh air outside.

  • Try breathing techniques, such as Mindfulness Exercises.

  • Limit your screen time, you can do this by reading a book, taking a relaxing bath, or a number of other options.


There are tons of other tips to help with overstimulation, try out a few and find out what works best for you.

Posted by Melissa Smith at 08:58