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Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV Adaptation

Percy Jackson and The Olympians is a fan-favorite Greek Mythology book series following the friends of Camp Half-Blood. For years, readers have been keeping up with author Rick Riordan’s various spinoff series, from The Red Pyramid to The Heroes of Olympus. In 2010, 20th Century Fox even released a movie adaptation starring Logan Lerman. Many fans were disappointed with the film, however, claiming that it did not do the book justice. 


However, a new TV adaptation for Percy Jackson and The Olympians was recently announced with the author Rick Riordan himself on board to assist with production. The series will be released via the streaming service Disney+ near 2023. Percy Jackson will be played by young actor Walker Scobell, known primarily for his work in The Adam Project. Leah Sava Jefferies and Aryan Simhadri will be acting alongside Scobell as Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood. 

Read the official press release here!


Posted by Melissa Smith at 09:32