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Saint Patrick's Day 🍀

Saint Patrick’s Day


Today’s blog post will highlight information about Saint Patrick. By clicking on the links, they will go into more detail. There are tons of other resources on the internet but these three websites provide information that may be easier to understand. 


Saint Patrick was a real person who was credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland when he returned from Britain. The very first St. Patrick’s Day celebration happened on March 17, 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida. Throughout time, different cities and locations have had their own traditions to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. For example, Chicago dyes the Chicago River green, while New York has a parade that attracts around 3 million participants each year.


The color green for St. Patrick’s Day is thought to bring good luck, represent the Irish Flag, or make you invisible to Leprechauns therefore you won’t be pinched. Also, shamrocks (three-leaf clover) are more closely related to St. Patrick then a four-leaf clover due to the shamrock being part of his teaching of Christianity.


Posted by Melissa Smith at 15:18