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Save The Date: BGCMT x VUMC Mental Health Podcast!

Mental health! Podcast! You can chime in!

Several Club members will be kicking off the third season of the “Vanderbilt Health DNA: Discoveries in Action
podcast series by taking part in a live Twitter Spaces chat about mental health. 
Club members will join Vanderbilt University Medical Center physicians, researchers and staff to talk about the ways mental health impacts individuals, families and communities in the July 20 chat, hosted by @VUMC_Insights on Twitter.
Mental and physical well-being are interconnected, but stigmas and stereotypes persist when people talk about or try to get mental health treatment, even for common disorders such as depression or anxiety. 
The Twitter Spaces chat is the first real-time component of the award-winning DNA podcast series, which explores what is changing in the next generation of medicine, science and our communities. The chat will be edited and released as a mini-episode in August to jumpstart a month-long exploration into mental health with four DNA podcast episodes in September.

To listen to the conversation, log onto Twitter using the mobile app on July 20 at 10:30 a.m., follow @vumc_insights, and then join the Spaces conversation at the top of the app. You can listen on a desktop or laptop by using this link to access the conversation. Use the link to set a reminder and add the conversation to your calendar!

Posted by Melissa Smith at 13:45