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Secondary Education

Secondary School, also known as trade school or a technical school, can be a great option compared to a traditional 4-year college. Trade schools typically are for a shorter amount of time, usually one to two years but some programs can be as little as six months, for a specific career. There are lots of great options in the Nashville and surrounding areas, a few are listed below. Some of these schools offer several programs and may be something worth checking out if attending a large university is not an option you would like to pursue.


The following are a few of the Cosmetology Schools in the Nashville area:


Remington College offers programs for Dental Assisting, Cosmetology, Construction, and several others.


The following are a few of the Technical Schools in the Nashville Area:


Lincoln Tech is a trade school that is a great choice if you would like to do maintenance on diesel powered trucks, heavy machines, buses, and more.


TCAT offers several programs including Early Childhood Education, Welding, Phlebotomy,Collision Repair, and so much more.


Nashville Software School offers programs in Data Science, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and many more. These programs can be completed in as little as 15 weeks, while most of the programs take six through nine months.

Posted by Melissa Smith at 11:53