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See it to Be it: A Career Showcase

Ever wondered what it takes to work in the tech field? Or apply for a trade school? How do people land in the jobs they land in, and what did that path look like? What if someone gave you that advantage and told you the secrets of the trade BEFORE you are done with school? That's what we're here to do.... expose you to lots of different types of careers! 

Alongside Nashville Emerging Leaders, Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee is hosting a 4-part online series that will expose youth to young professionals in the Nashville area. Did you know that it takes finance people to make the tech ecosystem work? Did you know that a certification from a trade school is just as valuable as a college degree? Want to learn more about Higher Education and the various fields of study available? Be sure to join us for this series as we explore these questions and more! 

The next LIVE session is April 28th, followed by May 12th and May 19th. Join us from the Club Next landing page and use the live session access link. 


Want to read more about the program? Check it out here: 

Want to watch the recording from the first session? See link HERE 

Posted by Melissa Smith at 11:37