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Tennessee's Part in Helping Wildflie

Tennessee’s Part in Helping Wildlife


    There are several locations all over Tennessee that are going to be highlighted in today’s blog post. Tennessee has some locations created for exotic animals and some for large animals. 


The Nashville Zoo has been devoted to saving Clouded Leopards over the last 30 years.


Tiger Haven is located in Roane County and has been saving big cats, such as Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Lynx, and many more. They have been operating over 30 years, solely based on private donations, and are currently housing over 270 big cats. This facility is closed to the public but you can adopt big cats online.


The Tennessee Safari Park located in Alamo, TN and is a free range interactive experience for the family featuring exotic animals.


The Elephant Sanctuary is located in Hohenwald, TN. This facility is about 3,000 acres for 28 elephants.


    There are several locations dedicated to being Safe Havens for horses, large dogs, and many other animals around Tennessee. One honorable mention is: 


Big Dog Haven is dedicated to caring for and housing large dogs, located in East TN. This facility is designed for XXL dog breeds but they will take all sizes in need of a home. You can adopt from Big Dog Haven and care for your very own big dog.

Posted by Melissa Smith at 16:03