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What is AI-Generated Art?

Have you ever had an idea for a drawing or painting, but weren't sure how to start it? Now, there are many AI (Artifical Intelligence) programs that can produce digital pieces of art! There are multiple ways that a program can do this.

The first one, called Neural Style Transfer, asks the user to upload two images. The first one is the "base" for the art. The second one is the "style" for the art. So if you uploaded a picture of a cow as the first image and Van Gogh's Starry Night as the second image, the result would be a cow that looked like it could be in Starry Night.

The second method, called Generative Adversarial Networks, uses words instead of images. The user types in a bunch of words that they want the image to have. This is called a "prompt," and one example of this could be "red dog in a blue pool." The user can also choose a style that they want the image to have. The program then creates a rough draft of what it thinks it should look like. Then, it looks through thousands of reference images to make the rough draft look more accurate. 

Using a program called Dream by WOMBO, I put in the prompt above with the style "Realistic." This is what it generated:













It looks pretty good, right? Try it yourself at !

Posted by Melissa Smith at 14:13