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YouTube Channel Highlight: HiHo Kids

Happy Around the World Week at BGCMT! There are so many incredible cultures around the world available to appreciate and experience. One channel on YouTube, HiHo Kids, creates amazing content that highlights some of the many cultures around the world. The premise of the HiHo Kids channel is to have different kids share and compare their experiences in all parts of life- like families, pets, and friends. Kids on the channel also get to partake in fun challenges and games. A big portion of HiHo Kids also focuses on kids experiencing the food and culture from different countries. One particularly popular series is the “Kids Try” series. Here, kids try everything from wedding cake to street foods from all over the globe. The kids onscreen decipher what food it is they are eating and provide their honest commentary. If you are looking to watch videos that not only educate you about cultures around the world but also provide fun and lighthearted entertainment, look no further than the HiHo Kids Channel.
Posted by Melissa Smith at 13:00