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Sports Week Movie Highlight

Are you looking for a new movie to watch? In honor of Sports Week at the BGCMT, we will be highlighting some fun sports movies, old and new, that you can check out with your friends and family.  The Sandlot is a classic sports movie centered around a group of young baseball players who spe... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022

Plastic-Free July

While it is common knowledge that plastic is harmful for the environment, many people do not realize the full extent of how damaging plastic pollution is. Did you know that every minute of every day, a truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean (World Economic Forum)?  Though plastic ... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Nashville Activity Guide: July 8-10

Friday, July 8 Farm Fun Day will be held from 9am-1pm. This event will include farm animals, vendors, music, and more. The Metro Nashville Mounted Patrol will have a training demonstration at 9am and 12pm. Saturday, July 9 -Jazz AM July: Celia Cruz for Kids will be at 10am. It is a 30 minute p... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

App Highlight: Fun Trivia Games!

It’s Game Show Week here at BGCMT! In honor of this week’s theme, we are highlighting fun and popular trivia apps for kids.  Family Trivia is an app designed by educators that is great for the whole family. Offering trivia questions in seven categories, including cooking and mus... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Wednesday, Jun 29, 2022

July 4 Celebration in Nashville!

This coming Monday is the 4th of July, and as always, Nashville will be celebrating accordingly. This weekend, starting Sunday, July 3, Downtown Nashville will be hosting its 19th Annual Let Freedom Sing event! This family-friendly, free event will be spread out across the city. Along with a main... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV Adaptation

Percy Jackson and The Olympians is a fan-favorite Greek Mythology book series following the friends of Camp Half-Blood. For years, readers have been keeping up with author Rick Riordan’s various spinoff series, from The Red Pyramid to The Heroes of Olympus. In 2010, 20th Century Fox even re... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Thursday, Jun 23, 2022

At-Home STEM Kits!

Happy Mad Scientist Week at BGCMT! This week, we are highlighting a fantastic product: MEL Science Home STEM Kits. Every month, MEL Science will send you fun and safe science projects able to be completed at home, such as model rockets, electric boats, liquid sand, and more. These monthly boxes c... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Juneteenth Celebrations Around the City

June 18th Music City Food Truck Park and Flea Market will be held at The Marketplace in East Nashville from 11am-4pm. There will be different types of food trucks and vendors from home decor, artwork, plants, jewelry, apparel, and more.   Taco and Margarita Festival will be held from 12pm... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Holiday Highlight: Juneteenth

This coming Monday, June 20, we will be closed in observance of Juneteenth, which is celebrated this Sunday. Juneteenth is an important holiday representing a key moment in African-American history: the official end to slavery in all 50 US States. While the Emancipation Proclamation was passed on... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Pride Night at Nashville Soccer Club

Are you a soccer fan? Looking to support your city while spending time outdoors? Check out Nashville’s newest stadium - Geodis Park - the nation’s largest soccer-specific stadium! Nashville SC, the city’s Major League Soccer team, opened their new stadium on May 1, and with stat... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

June App Highlight: Tynker

Are you interested in coding? Participating in our Million Hours of Code initiative? Looking for a fun way to learn a new skill this summer? Tynker is an incredible free coding platform for ages 5-18 that teaches coding through interactive games and projects. Tynker lets students transition from ... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Wednesday, Jun 08, 2022

See it to Be it: A Career Showcase

Ever wondered what it takes to work in the tech field? Or apply for a trade school? How do people land in the jobs they land in, and what did that path look like? What if someone gave you that advantage and told you the secrets of the trade BEFORE you are done with school? That's what we'... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Thursday, Apr 21, 2022

April Youth Highlight: Sarah Park

Music has a way of making us feel things no matter the language or instruments used. This article tells us about a middle schooler who is working on harnessing the power of music in a personalized music therapy device she hopes to make wearable by the user. Check out this article to learn more ab... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith at Monday, Apr 18, 2022

March Game Highlight: Prodigy

Prodigy Math Games Do you like playing online with friends? Do you *kinda* like math? What about adventure, action, puzzles, and awesome characters? Then this game is for you! It's free to play and is web-based. At Club NEXT, we typically play this at least 3 times a week. When a group ... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

March Youth Highlight: Hafeezat

WOC In Tech  For March, let's meet Hafeezat. It's Women's History month, and we will continue to highlight bright young women this month! Can you see yourself in her? Do you have a desire to change the world?  “There is space for everyone as long as your heart and ac... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

March Book Highlight: Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Percy Jackson & The Olympians - Rick Riordian This month's book highlight is the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series by Rick Riordian. This fantastic series is very accessible to students in all grades. I read them as a sophomore in college and loved how easily I could slip into the... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

International Women's Day 2022

  Today is International Women's Day! Who are those amazing women in your life you look up to? We take a day each year to highlight incredible women that are doing great things in our communities and our families. There are lots of things you can do for International Women's Day to... Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Youth Highlight: February 2022

Do you like beets? It turns out you might not need to eat your veggies to benefit from these amazing roots! Click the link below to find out how Dasia Taylor, a high schooler, is working on using beets to protect surgery patients from complications of infection. Read More
Posted by Melissa Smith

Game Highlight: February 2022

Gris is not a game from this year, or even last year, but it was a great pickup from Steam's Winter Sale. I had a lot of fun streaming this during our Winter Break Club Next Live event, and even the other staff members took notice. There are rumors that Netflix is picking up an animated adapt... Read More
Posted by Oliver Arney