C.I.D.E.A. Culture


Caring. Inclusive. Diverse. Equitable. Anti-Racist.

Elevating the Club experience from within.

As a Boys & Girls Club organization, we take a stand for the future of America’s children. We stand against racism and discrimination. We stand for safety, health, dignity, and equitable opportunity. Our Clubs provide inclusive environments where youth of all races, abilities, gender expressions, and backgrounds are encouraged to express themselves and are heard. 

Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential. That means that we see it as our responsibility to examine every part of our organization and to engage the entire community to ensure that we are actively working to dismantle disparities and to build the future we want for our Club members. 

To do this,


we shape every aspect of our organization to be:

creating an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, valued and heard, provide opportunities and resources so that everyone has the opportunity to further their learning and development and be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. 

INCLUSIVE, ensuring any young person can walk into a Club and feel a sense of belonging.

DIVERSE, attracting and celebrating the many cultures and backgrounds of our community and within our Clubs.

EQUITABLE, addressing the unique challenge our Club members face and our role in enabling opportunity.

ANTI-RACIST, seeking to not only reject injustice, but actively work towards dismantling oppressive systems.


Learn more about BGCMT’s commitments to champion diversity and inclusion, both internally and externally.