Preston Taylor Clubhouse

Enroll in Summer Camp 2021

Club Hours
  • Closed at this time
  • Open for Teen Summer Camp June 1-July 30


Provided by Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Cockrill Elementary School
  • Cumberland Elementary School
  • Head Magnet Middle School
  • Hull-Jackson Elementary School
  • Jones Paideia Elementary School
  • KIPP Nashville (Knight Drive)
  • Park Avenue Elementary School
  • Sylvan Park Elementary School

Provided by School District

  • East End Prep
  • Purpose Prep Academy

Keyosha Emerson, Club Director

Phone: (615) 341-3909

Keyosha Emerson is a Birmingham, Alabama, native who holds a Bachelors of Sociology and a Masters in Health Promotion. If you are looking for her in the Preston Taylor Clubhouse, you might find her in the art room as it is a place where she enjoys the creativity of the Club members. As someone who loves to craft in her spare time, watching Club members find their own sanctuary in the Arts means a lot to her.

When asked why she chooses to be a part of our Club members’ Great Futures…
“I chose to be a part of our Club members Great Futures because I believe in making a difference in the lives of our young people. Positive guidance is a must and in order to build successful futures I have to do all I can to prepare our Club members for success.”

To apply as a Club member, contact Keyosha or visit the location.
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