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Mental Health Matters is a BGCMT initiative for improved mental wellbeing. The resources below were not curated by medical or mental health professionals. We do not use affiliate links and receive no payment for the use of any of the resources we suggest.




Understanding Adolescent MH

Adolescent mental health crises can sometimes be hard to identify between normal puberty mood swings and teen angst - these resources are here to help!

Choose your preferred language with which to view videos about mental wellness in different adolescent age groups

Learn about mental health issues from Anxiety to Psychosis and everywhere in between. There are also live chat options. This is a wonderful resource to explore and learn about many mental health experiences.
A short video focused on understanding mental health warning signs versus "normal" teen moodiness. Remember; therapy is still a valuable tool for children who are not afflicted with MH disorders or who have not gotten a diagnosis!
Your support, love, and willingness to listen are the most important things you can offer your teenager. Here are some inside looks from teens struggling with their mental health. 
BGCMT members identified school related activities such as homework and tests as the most major and regular stressors in their lives. This article should help you recognize when your child is overwhelmed and give you some pointers on how to help.
Screen Time is an app used to monitor and control your child's access to apps, they have some tips to offer parents. It has been shown that many social apps cause body image and self esteem issues, especially as photo enhancement capabilities have made altered images very difficult to detect. There are a number of other apps that allow you to have more control over your child's use of social media, Bark has been rated the highest, though it is more pricey than some others.
Grief is part of life, but it can be especially difficult to navigate with a young person. This resource offers a quick and long version and walks you through many pieces of the grief process and how to help your child with each. (English and Spanish).
From the basic definition, to identifying signs, to prevention methods, UNICEF has you covered on the important issue of bullying. Bullying can lead to mental health issues down the line for victims.
There are many resources for what to do when your child is being bullied, but what about when they are the bully? You have not gone wrong in your parenting. Your child is not "bad." How you respond matters, though. This article encourages an open dialogue and other best practices for when your child is doing the bullying. (English and Spanish).


Getting Support

What kinds of help are available?

Tried and true methods for coping with anxiety. Help your kid through these practices and let them choose a few that work. Many of these activities can be done at home and offer ways for you to connect with your child on the topic of mental health and self regulation.
This video walks you through how to approach counceling with your child. This video's host webiste contains other useful information as well on this topic.
If you are worried your child might be struggling with mental health issues, NIMH is a top resource for understanding treatment avenues.
If a diagnosis has been made, part of the treatment may include pharmaceuticals. For an in-depth look at any medications your child's doctor may have prescribed or offered, start here. This document also suggests great questions to ask your child's doctor when seeking medical treatments. (Hint, use a search function to locate the medicines you want to know more about, this is a large document and there is likely no need for you to read the entire thing!)
This resource provides essential outpatient mental health services to Tennesseans ages three to 17 who don't have insurance coverage or lack full behavioral health coverage.  There are no limits on family income for eligibility.
Free and confidential, this 24-hour helpline can connect you to local resources in times of mental health or substance abuse crisis.


Caring for Your Mental Health

Because you matter too! (And our kids benefit from mentally healthy parents)

This is a great place to start. These assessments are not a means of diagnosis, but they should help you understand your own (or your child's) MH better and look at possible warning signs. (Spanish available for some)
Adriene offers "pay what feels good" yoga classes on YouTube. Yoga is a practice of intentional movement and breath and Adriene offers classes for all needs. (Hint: most kids will love to do yoga with you and they will get the benefits too even if they aren't doing all the poses or doing them "right", the exploration is the main point!)
This quick read can help you understand further why your mental health is so important, not just for you, but for your kids as well. Gain some insights and tips for balancing day-to-day stressors and mental health struggles.





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