Suicide Hotline: 988

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide please click the link above or call 988

Mental Health Matters is a BGCMT initiative for improved mental wellbeing. The resources below were not curated by medical or mental health professionals. We do not use affiliate links and receive no payment for the use of any of the resources we suggest.

Dealing with Difficult Behavior

How to deal when kids act out or have a mental health crisis in Club

Learn about how to structure a learning space with trauma awareness. This resource can also help you work on shifting languaging to be more supportive of struggling Club members.
While directed at classroom teachers, this resource still offers some very valuable things to consider for when you are working with our Club members. It is hard to know if or how a child has been traumatized, but it is an unfortunately common occurance. Consider these strategies for working with difficult outbursts and behavior patterns.
Download this short PDF. These guidlines are for parents and teachers who have to deal with tantrum behaviors.
Another downloadable, this article will help you help our members work through difficult emotions and develop healthy habits for moving through frustrating events. 
If you're unfamiliar with how ADHD can present itself, start with this quick run-down from the CDC. 
This short YouTube video sheds light on best practices for working with ADHD children in academic environments. 
Scroll down a bit on this page to access a great list of tips for helping a child or teen get through a panic episode or attack. 
Get the basics from the CDC.
If you work with any Club members who struggle with a spectrum disorder, this will be a great resource for you! 
What is self harm? What do I need to look out for? Who is at risk of committing self harm? This article will help you answer all these questions and many more.
Options in English, Spanish, or audio. This article is a quick read about suicide prevention. (A parent guide, but it still has relevant information for educators).
All adults in a child's life can play a role in suicide prevention. This training video is long but has some helpful information. (Hint: YouTube has the option to speed up a video so you can get all the information in half the time if you'd like to)


Caring for Your Mental Health

Because you matter too! (And pouring from an empty cup isn't realistic)

This is a great place to start. These assessments are not a means of diagnosis, but they should help you understand your own MH better and look at possible warning signs. (Spanish available for some)
Adriene offers "pay what feels good" yoga classes on YouTube. Yoga is a practice of intentional movement and breath and Adriene offers classes for all needs and abilities.
All employees within the nonprofit sector (that means you) can enjoy free sound bath meditation sessions at this amazing sanctuary. Explore the link for details and event dates.
All employees within the nonprofit sector (that means you) can enjoy free mini-retreats at this healing center. Explore the link for details and event dates.











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