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What Is Mental Health?

What is mental health? More importantly, why should it matter to you? Let's learn about it!

This 8.5 minute video will give you a great idea of what mental health is and how to think about it as it relates to you and your friends and family.
Note: If you feel like you might have one of the listed disorders/illnesses, please talk to a trusted adult about seeing a doctor. You cannot diagnose yourself! This is simply a guide for understanding different types of mental health issues.
This video will help you understand how hormones (little chemicals our bodies make) can affect our moods and why puberty can feel so emotionally overwhelming.
What is stress? What does it feel like? What can you do about it? This quick YouTube video can help you answer those questions.
The basics, from the National Association of Mental Illness
The basics, from the National Association of Mental Illness
This video will help you understand how anxiety works in your brain and body, why it is not a "bad" thing, and how you can work with it.
The Meyers-Briggs personality types are classic psychological profiles that can help you understand more about how you function as compared to your peers. This one is really fun to do in a group to see where you differ and where you are similar!
This PDF is a great printable that you can work through over time. Use it to help you set goals and analyze your reactions to difficult situations. Noticing our own patterns is the big first step to getting a handle on our own actions.


Working with Big Feelings

Big feelings are normal, but sometimes they can get overwhelming. Learning some coping techniques is important for everyone.

Text, message, or WhatsApp available 24/7. This resource also offers other information about depression.
Text, message, or WhatsApp available 24/7. This resource also offers other information about Anxiety.
This resource focuses on helping you find healthy alternatives to self harming practices. Help lines also available at this link.
If you experience a lot of anger, that's completely normal, but it doesn't feel very good! Click this resource to access information about working with your anger and scroll down for links to helpful worksheets.
Anger can be difficult to deal with, here are some more techniques you can use.
NOTE: This workbook is super long. That doesn't mean you should do the whole thing or even most of it. If you deal with anxiety, you may look this over and decide to do a few of the exercises to see how they can help you!
Are you a teen who wonders if you might have depression? This article may help you understand what you're dealing with and arm you with some information to bring to a trusted adult who can help you get the aid you need.
Your mental health is important. Here are some ways to prioritize it.
This resource offers some quick ideas for energizing breaks from school work.
Got an test coming up? Stress can make focusing really hard. This one-page resource offers best practices for managing stress while you're taking an exam at school. 
This resource is an easy go-to for a few guided calm-down videos to help with stress and anxiety in the moment.


Games and Apps

These resources can help you learn about mental health in a fun way!

Do you love PBS programs like Arthur and Clifford the Big Red Dog? This link will bring you to a page full of games that can help you understand more about emotions, mental health coping skills, and more.
For iOS and Android. This Meditation app offers variations for all ages. Free!
For iOS and Android, ages 12+. This app uses evidence-based strategies based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Free!
Three Good Things: A Happiness Journal
For iOS and Android, ages 4+. This app helps you focus on the best things each day by writing down the good that happens. Free!
For iOS and Android. This mindfulness app offers activities with 5 themes (Calm, Focus, Kindness, Sleep, Wake Up), customized for different age groups. Free to try for 7 days ($12.99/month or annual $69.99)
For iOS and Android, ages 7-10. Brush up on these important skills: calmness & relaxation, stress & anxiety
reduction, concentration & focus, navigating big emotions, and getting along with others. Your first 3 lessons are free, in app purchases available.
For iOS and Android, ages 5-11. Work on turning negative emotions into positive ones through games! $5.99
For iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and more. Ages 3-9. These fun yoga practices play on your favorite movies, games, and activities. Enjoy some fun movement! 14 day free trial, in app purchases.









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