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Ready to code?

Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee has a goal to reach 10,000 hours of code in 2022, with an ultimate goal of 1,000,000 hours by 2026! Digital/tech programming are integral pieces of the goal to DUB100by2026. 

 Coding is thought to be the next language that ALL youth should be fluent in; in a world becoming more and more tech reliant, giving our youth these skills is vital. Here's how you can get involved: 
  • Check out one of our in-person coding programs here
  • If you're a Club member, complete the MyFuture coding challenge! 
  • Check out the websites below; clicking on an image will open a new window and take you to that website


Recommended MyFuture Badges is BGCA's leading online programming platform. Each icon in this section will take you to coding-focused programming and, once you complete all necessary activities, you'll earn that badge! For best results, be sure to login to your account beforehand. 

Recommended external programs

Looking for something outside of MyFuture? Below is a collection of recommended external websites. Some will require an account registration, and some offer both free and paid courses. All websites have been vetted by Club Next staff! 

Recommended YouTube Playlists

Don't have time to dedicate into a course? Check out one of our recommended YouTube playlists right from this screen.