Coding Academy Summer 2021 Recap

Code Academy 

This summer, BGCMT's Code Academy pilot program served 180+ youth, with more than 100 youth brand new to the organization! This innovative program taught Club members coding concepts and app design through Apple's “Everyone Can Code” curriculum, as well as hands-on learning activities, gamified learning platforms, and instructor-led coaching. Serving at seven locations over 7-weeks, each camp held an app design contest and chose winners based on the design, functionality, and practicality of the app. The winners from each week were invited to participate in a finalist competition held at the Youth Opportunity Center; family members, community members, and state representatives were all in attendance!

The app designs came from project-based learning where students brainstormed on common community needs and devised a solution together following the app design process. Stand-out apps included 'Anti-Bullying' and 'Equal Pay'. The winning app was 'Health Home'; an all-inclusive app that helped find care for Covid-19 vaccines, testing locations, offered a symptoms checklist, and more healthy offerings. 

Apple supported BGCMT’s Code Academy through its Community Education Initiative and provided hardware, professional learning, and ongoing support for the learners and staff. “At Apple, we believe that technology is a great equalizing force, providing new opportunities for diverse learners to create, explore, and innovate,” said Stacy Erb, Apple’s director of Community Education Initiatives. "We’re thrilled to work with Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee to bring coding and creativity to young people across the region, and have been blown away by the students’ phenomenal projects this summer. We can’t wait to see how these talented young learners go on to use their skills and passion to change the world." Neither can we! We will keep you updated.


Written by Rayna Easley

Posted by Oliver Arney at 11:49