#ThankfulBGCMT Spotlight: DPR Construction

19 Nov

Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee (BGCMT) would like to thank DPR Construction (DPR) for their engagement this year! They have directly and indirectly impacted our youth in a variety of ways, resulting in positive, exciting outcomes.

Recently, we spoke with Mary Lou Kelly, a Project Engineer at DPR, about their decision to work so closely with BGCMT. She stated, “We have three pillars that we use as our standard guidelines for organizations we like to work with. BGCMT meets all three: Facility Construction and Renovation, Career & Education Guidance for Youth, and Operational Support for Nonprofit Partners.”

This year, BGCMT leaned into DPR’s expertise in ‘Facility Construction and Renovation’ and ‘Operational Support’ while planning their Service September. Volunteers from DPR went to our Andrew Jackson Club where they painted the interior and exterior of the building and replaced ceiling tiles, among other Clubhouse improvement projects. As Kelly stated, DPR “like(s) to use our construction skills to help organizations with their facility needs,” and “help with planning.” Their success in delivering on their mission gave Andrew Jackson a fresh feel and created a better overall atmosphere for Club members.

One of DPR’s favorite BGCMT projects was facilitating the Beyoncé Chopper Challenge. DPR led youth through an activity that required them to think like engineers and project managers. Club members were taught about engineering, scheduling, and financing, then, the activity concluded with building a helipad for Beyonce so she could perform for the Club (hypothetically, of course)! Directing members through this exercise gave them a window into possible career paths and helped illustrate how the classroom lessons they are being taught now translate into the workplace.

Thank you, DPR, for all you do for youth. You truly are ‘building’ Great Futures!

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