#ThankfulBGCMT: Spotlight on YOU

09 Dec

Throughout the year, we receive tremendous support from community leaders like YOU. Our youth benefit greatly from your investment in them, whether you’re giving your time or resources, or like many of our advocates, both.

To see the profound impact you have made, you don’t have to look far. Because of you, this year, BGCMT was able to open three new Clubs in high-needs neighborhoods and expand our Valor Club to serve high school students. Ivie, a 14-year-old attending the newly expanded Club, reflected, “I did not want to have to stay after school every single day and be surrounded by a bunch of people I didn’t know. But just after the first week, we started bonding, and now we are all close friends.”

While building communities in schools is just one way you’re generosity makes a difference, it reaches far beyond the Club’s walls. Next summer, BGCMT is taking a group of teenagers to Africa to build a clean water well and help provide a solution for a community in need. Your donation allows for youth like Ivie to apply for this opportunity and engage in an international conversation about health and wellbeing.

Ivie is excited about the prospect of traveling abroad and helping another community because, in her words, “Educating people, especially kids, the correct stories & culture of places is one of the things that is very important to me. It is imperative that the next generations are properly educated in order to progress forward.”

Your Great Futures Gift not only provides safe places for kids to go when they are out of school and access to caring adult mentors, it allows us to mold the next generation of movers, shakers, advocates, and entrepreneurs.

Give now to make today better and tomorrow stronger. #GreatFuturesGive #ThankfulBGCMT